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  • Frictional Properties and Seismogenic Potential of Caprock Shales 

    Bohloli, Bahman; Soldal, Magnus; Smith, Halvard; Skurtveit, Elin; Choi, Jung Chan; Sauvin, Guillaume (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Fractures and faults are critical elements affecting the geomechanical integrity of CO2 storage sites. In particular, the slip of fractures and faults may affect reservoir integrity and increase potential for breach, may ...
  • Benchmark study of undrained triaxial testing of Opalinus Clay shale: Results and implications for robust testing 

    Minardi, Alberto; Giger, Silvio B.; Ewy, Russel T.; Stancovic, Rudy; Stenebråten, Jørn; Soldal, Magnus; Rosone, Marco; Ferrari, Alessio; Laloui, Lyesse (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Triaxial testing of argillaceous rocks and shales is significantly more challenging than conventional rock mechanical testing. The challenges are mainly related to the very low permeability of these geomaterials, and their ...
  • D4 - Recommended guidelines report 

    Blomberg, Ann E. A.; Waarum, Ivar-Kristian; Eek, Espen; Totland, Ole Lorentzen (NGI-rapport;20180127-04-R Rev. 1, Report, 2020-11-10)
    Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a promising tool for accelerating decarbonization and reaching international climate goals. The process involves capturing CO2 from energy-intensive industries such as waste-to-energy ...
  • GADL1 is a multifunctional decarboxylase with tissue-specific roles in β-alanine and carnosine production 

    Mahootchi, Elaheh; Homaei, Selina Cannon; Kleppe, Rune; Winge, Ingeborg; Hegvik, Tor-Arne; Perez, Roberto Megias; Totland, Christian; Mogavero, Floriana; Baumann, Anne; Glennon, Jeffrey Colm; Miletic, Hrvoje; Kursula, Petri; Haavik, Jan (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
  • Experimental investigation of natural fracture stiffness and flow properties in a faulted CO2 bypass system (Utah, USA) 

    Skurtveit, Elin; Sundal, Anja; Bjørnarå, Tore Ingvald; Soldal, Magnus; Sauvin, Guillaume; Zuchuat, Valentin; Midtkandal, Ivar; Braathen, Alvar (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Fracture stiffness and flow properties have been measured in the laboratory using naturally fractured fault rock samples from the Little Grand Wash fault, Utah, USA. We compare fracture closure and related flow change ...

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