• CSEM for CO2 Storage – Feasibility Study at Smeaheia to Optimise Acquisition 

      Gehrmann, Romina; Romdhane, Mohamed Anouar; Park, Joonsang; Eliasson, Peder (Chapter, 2021)
      In this work, we evaluate the use of controlled-source electromagnetics (CSEM) for CO2 monitoring at Smeaheia, a possible candidate for future phases of the Norwegian full-scale CCS project. CSEM is sensitive to electrically ...
    • Marine CSEM synthetic study to assess the detection of CO<inf>2</inf> escape and saturation changes within a submarine chimney connected to a CO<inf>2</inf> storage site 

      Yilo, Naima K.; Weitemeyer, Karen; Minshull, Timothy A.; Attias, Eric; Marin-Moreno, Héctor; Falcon-Suarez, Ismael H.; Gehrmann, Romina; Bull, Jonathan (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    • Multiscale characterisation of chimneys/pipes: Fluid escape structures within sedimentary basins 

      Robinson, Adam H.; Callow, Ben; Böttner, Christoph; Yilo, Naima; Provenzano, Giuseppe; Falcon-Suarez, Ismael H; Marin-Moreno, Héctor; Lichtschlag, Anna; Bayrakci, Gaye; Gehrmann, Romina; Parkes, Lou; Roche, Ben; Saleem, Umer; Schramm, Bettina; Waage, Malin; Lavayssière, Aude; Li, Jianghui; Jedari-Eyvazi, Farid; Sahoo, Sourav; Deusner, Christian; Kossel, Elke; Minshull, Timothy A.; Berndt, Christian; Bull, Jonathan M.; Dean, Marcella; James, Rachael H.; Chapman, Mark; Best, Angus I.; Bünz, Stefan; Chen, Baixin; Connelly, Douglas P.; Elger, Judith; Haeckel, Matthias; Henstock, Timothy J.; Karstens, Jens; Macdonald, Calum; Matter, Juerg M.; North, Laurence; Reinardy, Benedict (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Evaluation of seismic reflection data has identified the presence of fluid escape structures cross-cutting overburden stratigraphy within sedimentary basins globally. Seismically-imaged chimneys/pipes are considered to be ...