• Conceptual model for quantification of snow avalanche return periods 

      Harbitz, Alf; Harbitz, Carl B. (NGI-rapport;20091808-01-TN, Research report, 2012-12-11)
      This note is a contribution to the InfraRisk project (Module B) where one of the aims is to suggest an improved standard for hazard mapping. In particular, it is attempted to overcome the deficieney pointed out for *WP Bl ...
    • Impacts of extreme weather events on transport infrastructure in Norway 

      Frauenfelder, Regula; Solheim, Anders; Isaksen, Ketil; Romstad, Bård; Dyrrdal, Anita Verpe; Ekseth, Kristine; Skaland, Reidunn Gangstø; Harbitz, Alf; Harbitz, Carl Bonnevie; Haugen, Jan Erik; Hygen, Hans Olav; Haakenstad, Hilde; Jaedicke, Christian; Jónsson, Árni; Klæboe, Ronny; Ludvigsen, Johanna; Meyer, Nele Kristin; Rauken, Trude; Sverdrup-Thygeson, Kjetil (Journal article, 2016)
    • On probability analysis in snow avalanche hazard zoning 

      Harbitz, Carl; Harbitz, Alf; Farrokh, Nadim (Journal article, 2001)
      The reduced societal acceptance of living in regions exposed to snow avalanches, and the increased economic consequences when houses are located within a hazard zone, highlight the uncertainty concerning avalanche run-out ...
    • Road traffic and avalanches - methods for risk evaluation and risk management 

      Kristensen, Krister; Harbitz, Carl Bonnevie; Harbitz, Alf (Journal article, 2003)
      This paper considers the methods for risk analysis and management in connection with avalanches and road traffic. Examples with calculations of encounter probability and quantification of uncertainty are given, along with ...
    • Significance of historical records for avalanche hazard zoning in Norway 

      Kristensen, Krister; Harbitz, Carl Bonnevie; Harbitz, Alf (The International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) Proceedings;, Chapter, 2000)
      In avalanche hazard zoning, it is common practice to investigate the previous avalanche history for the area considered. Historical observations of avalanches serve as an aid in the classification of the terrain, and may ...