• A New Approximate Method for Quantifying Tsunami Maximum Inundation Height Probability 

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      Regional and global tsunami hazard analysis requires simplified and efficient methods for estimating the tsunami inundation height and its related uncertainty. One such approach is the amplification factor (AF) method. ...
    • Effect of Shallow Slip Amplification Uncertainty on Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis in Subduction Zones: Use of Long-Term Balanced Stochastic Slip Models 

      A., Scala; S., Lorito; F., Romano; S., Murphy; J., Selva; Basili, R.; Babeyko, A.; Herrero, A.; Hoechner, A.; Løvholt, Finn; Maesano, F.E.; Perfetti, P.; Tiberti, M.M.; Tonini, R.; Volpe, M.; Davies, G.; Festa, G.; Power, W.; Piatenesi, A.; Cirella, A. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      The complexity of coseismic slip distributions influences the tsunami hazard posed by local and, to a certain extent, distant tsunami sources. Large slip concentrated in shallow patches was observed in recent tsunamigenic ...
    • The making of the NEAM Tsunami Hazard Model 2018 (NEAMTHM18) 

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