• Calculation of soil volume loss caused by drilling of anchors 

      Sandene, Thomas; Lande, Einar John; Nøst, Hilde Aas (Lecture, 2023)
      Accurate prediction of ground settlements related to deep supported excavations or foundation works are key in risk assessments of vulnerability of neighboring assets. Several studies show that rotary percussive duplex ...
    • Effects of Drilling for Tieback Anchors on Surrounding Ground: Results from Field Tests 

      Lande, Einar John; Karlsrud, Kjell; Langford, Jenny; Nordal, Steinar (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      A full-scale field test program was carried out to investigate the effects of drilling for tieback anchors on the surrounding ground. The test anchors were drilled from the ground surface through a soft clay deposit and ...
    • Physical modelling of pile drilling in sand 

      Lande, Einar John; Ritter, Stefan; Tyvold, Henning Fürst; Nordal, Steinar (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Drilling for foundation piles and tieback anchors through soils using a continuous casing to support the borehole is often referred to as "overburden drilling". Monitoring data from several case studies show that overburden ...
    • Reduksjon av skader fra boring av peler og ankere – Anbefalinger fra BegrensSkade II 

      Lande, Einar John; Sandene, Thomas; Langford, Jenny; Ritter, Stefan (Lecture, 2022)
    • The Challenges of Mitigation Measures in Longyearbyen Svalbard 

      Jónsson, Árni; Nerland, Ørjan; Kanstad, Stian Bue; Hellum, Øyvind S.; Lande, Einar John (Lecture, 2018)
      The Arctic regions are facing changes in climate; warmer weather and more intense precipitations are thought to be the consequences. Longyearbyen in Svalbard is one of those places where warmer weather has been influencing ...