• Field verification tests of the newly developed flow cone tool—In-situ measurements of hydraulic soil properties 

      Gundersen, Aleksander Sæthereng; Carotenuto, Pasquale; Lunne, Tom; Walta, Axel; Sparrevik, Per (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Hydraulic soil properties, and in particular the hydraulic conductivity, is important in a number of geotechnical design cases. However, attention is often drawn towards the method of analysis rather than the quality and ...
    • Flow cone – new CPTU add-on module trialled in Halden silt 

      Gundersen, Aleksander Sæthereng; Lunne, Tom; Stelzer, Ryan; Blaker, Øyvind; Tucker, G.W.; Krogh, L. (Chapter, 2022)
    • GEODIP's high-quality database: Clay 

      Gundersen, Aleksander Sæthereng; Paniagua, Priscilla (NGI Rapport;20150030-02-R Rev. 2, Report, 2018-01-17)
      The purpose of this report is to present GEODIP's high quality database for clay materials. The database integrates existing high quality data from block sampling in clay as well as supplementary data from research and ...
    • Standardization of in situ tests and field work 

      Kåsin, Kristoffer; Kirkevolden, Ole Vidar; Instanes, Arne; Andersen, Espen; Sinitsyn, Anatoly; Bazin, Sara; Lysdahl, Asgeir Kydland; Gundersen, Aleksander Sæthereng (NGI-rapport;20190154-03-R, Report, 2019-12-04)
      The Norwegian Geo-Test Sites (NGTS) research infrastructure, with funding from The Research Council of Norway, creates a national research test site facility for geotech-nical research. The five national test sites are ...
    • Øysand research site: Geotechnical characterisation of deltaic sandy-silty soils 

      Quinteros, Santiago; Gundersen, Aleksander Sæthereng; L Heureux, Jean-Sebastien; Carraro, J. Antonio H.; Jardine, Richard (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      This paper describes the geology and geotechnical engineering properties of the fluvial and deltaic gravelly-sandy-silty sediments at Øysand, Norway. Geophysical and geotechnical site investigations carried out between ...